Our continual quest for innovation enables us to guarantee a sustainable use of water resources.

Water is our planet’s most precious resource. All life needs water – but to keep our world healthy, water also needs to be clean and plentiful.

Fresh water is very scarce – only 0.003% of all the water in the world is available for drinking, hygiene, agriculture and industry, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations.

Pressure comes from many directions as poor water management in agriculture and industry which contributes to the shrinkage and pollution of our lakes and rivers together with damage to ecosystems and communities.

This squeeze is expected to tighten further; around a tenth of the world’s population lacks access to safe water now, but the WWF forecasts that by 2025 two-thirds may be facing shortages.

We at Inditex recognise that the textile industry places huge demands on water resources. In our supply chain, water is used to produce cotton and other fibres, and for wet processes in garment manufacture, such as printing, washing and tanning. We use water in our stores, offices and facilities, and our customers use it at home to launder the clothes they have bought.

We are committed to reducing our impact in all these areas and work closely with a variety of partners, from non-profit organisations and universities to governments, to achieve this.